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Sample Types by Social Platforms

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media application that allows users to find topics by searching relevant hashtags and following their friends, celebrities, favorite companies and/or brands.


For samples of Instagram videos, memes, flyers, photos and more, search #KatieBrandComm, #TijuanaDogs, #MattMauser, #SinatraBigBand (current clients) in the Instagram application.


Facebook Pages are public profiles specifically created for businesses, brands, celebrities, causes, and other organizations. By creating and populating your Facebook Page with relevant and valuable content, you can reach more people and engage with consumers looking for the type of services you offer. 


Works produced for Facebook campaigns, videos, memes, photos and more can be found on the Katie Brand Communications Facebook page


Visually compelling content allows your audience to see what you have to offer, and often determines whether or not they want to use your services. A variety of video options are available to help deliver a clear message to your current and potential customer base.

real estate listing

Posting videos showcasing a listing can generate leads and offer a variety of ways to promote your property online. YouTube videos are easily shareable across Facebook and Twitter; and the video itself can be uploaded to Instagram (up to 60 seconds in length).

Creating the right playlists ensures your audience can find exactly what they are looking for within your channel.

event promotional video created, edited and posted on-site

One of our experienced social media specialists can take photos, create collages and/or put together quick videos on-site at an event you'd like promoted, in real time. The visuals gathered can be immediately uploaded to your social media accounts with descriptions for each (also known as "live posting").

promotional video for a specific performance, company, band or brand

Promotional videos are used to pique the interest of your audience, encourage engagement and help boost attendance for your upcoming event. They can also be used to build awareness of your company's services.  

Video by Kranbox.

event recap for social media promotion

Expose your audience to eye-catching visual effects with customized captions, music and more. Show your audience what they missed, and what they can expect at future events. Choose from a variety of layouts, styles, music and visual effects.    


edited and enhanced videos

A clip from a live show can entice viewers to browse through more of your videos, allowing them to see the type of entertainment they will experience by purchasing a ticket to your next show.

For large-scale video productions and photo shoots, we partner with Kranbox.


Twitter is a valuable resource which allows you to communicate directly and effectively with your audience and quickly distribute crucial company messaging when necessary. 

Visit the Katie Brand Communications Twitter account for more examples of works produced.

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